New models added

Good news, we found some new hardbodies.¬† Most of them were added to the “Less muscular but still fit” category under the main listing.

Also the Hall of Fame was edited, new models added there. We add models to HOF only if they’re really muscular , and only if they are online everyday/often. Keep your eye on MissErika:

New girls !

Today we’ve added three new webcam girls. The hello_sexyxxX is pretty hot if you want to know my opinion. Also if you’re into MILF’s we’ve got good news: Brandi Love is back ! If you watch what’s going on @ BuffyCams for long time, you’re probably aware she was camming before, then she went to the “inactive” category, and now she’s back again ! I wonder for how long this time though…

astelialoveAstelia Love

brandi love webcamBrandi Love


Muscle girl webcam

Hello everyone, welcome to the newly created addition to BuffyCams – blog ! We felt like BC needed a bit of human touch. Before, we were just dumping all the fit webcam girls we could find on the main page. Now that we have the blog, we’re gonna give shoutout’s about particular performers that we feel are awesome and they don’t get much attention. However don’t expect us to update the blog very often because our main goal is to bring you new muscular webcam girls, not write about them. Alright then, now enjoy this little video: