SaraAnndrade is very strong

Here we go again with another smokin hot latina who clearly loves the gym. She comes from the sunny country of Colombia ( that’s not a surprise) and currently only streams for Streamate. SaraAnndrade is her name and she’s been active for a year or so but she is quite dedicated to camming because I see her online almost every day. Sara’s got nice muscular physique and she appears to be a strong woman. In fact, I heard her saying on one of the chats that she can bench press almost 80 kgs ! For a woman that’s an incredible achievement, I bet most guys could not do one rep with such weight. For your information this is her webcam profile.

British_EmJess is stunning

Alright, so I’ve been wanting to do a post about this girl for quite a long time, but always got distracted by some other stuff or I didn’t have any of her content so it was easier to just write about some other girl. But all that is a thing of the past now that I’ve finally managed to gather NINE pics of Jess together with a short flexing ( non nude ) video of her. I hear you say that’s not much…I feel your pain but that’s all you will ever find of this woman online. Unless of course you with to shell out few dollars and see her live in action. This is her webcam profile at Streamate, and that’s currently the only place she’s doing shows. Ok, enough talk let’s proceed with the content, so here is the flexing vid:

These guns are incredible, aren’t they? Not often you see a cute, pretty face on a massive body like British_EmJess’s ! So now it’s time for the photos, these were taken from the (mentioned earlier) cam profile.

Alright so that’s it, I don’t have anything more to show you today. If you still feel like you need more, well that means you need to arrange a one on one webcam session with her.

Jodi Tiahrt almost nude

March is officially here and at least here it feels like spring is in the air. That’s why I thought that if this blog is about muscle girl videos I will post a photo gallery I hope it makes sense. So without further ado, I present you a stunning blonde fitness girl – Jodi Tiahrt posing in very very skimpy army top and bottom. At one point you can almost see both of her boobs naked. Other than that. this girl is extremely hot and really muscular. This set comes from the website called Muscularity and I strongly suggest you check them out if you like old-school photos of fitness women.