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Here at BuffyCams we welcome women of all sizes as long as they’re muscular. This particular lady, using nick Amazon is surely on the “massive” side. To be honest I don’t remember posting a video with a girl so big! Even though she calls herself “Amazon” don’t confuse her with another (russian?) female bodybuilder who goes by name “AmazonKA”. They are two different persons. I believe this athlete here is younger and inspired by her Russian friend. ( “Russian” and “friend” sound oddly incompatible these days)

The fbb here is pure latina and the only other video I could find of a girl of equal size is this one , although after giving it a second look she’s not in the same league of mass, sorry. I mean, just look at her thighs, look how big they are. There is a sub-reddit called Death by Snu Snu where they feature women with massive legs, and particularly thighs I guess there’s no doubt she belongs to that sub! Imagine how many high-protein meals it took to build a body like this. I bet she’s averaging 3k to 4k calories a day and all these calories and nutrients are going straight into her muscles as you can see she’s got close to no fat on her.

I wonder how much female bodybuilder like her can bench-press? Are all these muscles only for show or is there actual strenght in them too. I am a male and I guess in my prime I could do 100 kgs with one rep , but I never even tried this much because I got a shoulder injury that keeps me off heavier weighs, unfortunately.

Before I hit the publish button, I want you to know that I’m not sure where to find her on cam. I believe she may be a streamate muscle model but chaturbate is also not out of the question.

Pretty muscle girl

Ok, let’s face it. Most of the muscle girls (especially a few years ago, now it’s changing for the better) are not -exactly- pretty, their bodies are perfect but their faces not so much. I believe sometimes the hardcore training is a substitute for a pretty face, but that’s just my theory. The girl we’ve got here, however, is not only built like a Greek sculpture but she’s also freakin good looking! If you wish to see how this ripped beauty looked like three or four years ago, take a look. I guess she gained a little bit of fat/water, but that did not change how perfect this woman look. As usual, she is a chaturbate model and as of now she is doing daily shows there using some Japanese sounding nickname Skura or something similar.

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While many of the previously featured girls here were not really female bodybuilders, or FBBs, this one surely is! This muscular chick is a frequent streamer at the most popular webcam site on the net right now which is Chaturbate. She uses nickname Magical(something) while broadcasting there and this video was recorded not so long ago, like two months or something. This stunning female athlete loves to get naked in front of her cam and also likes to stuff that pink vibrating thing in her pussy which goes brrrrr every time she gets tipped. She must be getting tipped quite often because she is loyal to CB and I believe you can’t find her on any other cam site. If you are into proper FBBs you may want to check this post out too!

Muscle Nikki from Chaturbate

Hey everyone, time flies, it’s been almost a month since last post here. Today I’ve prepared an awesome video of a muscular chick who uses nickname “NikkiB” or something like this. Before you ask “where can i find her??” I need to disappoint you a little – she is a chaturbate female muscle performer, and you can find her there but unfortunately she lost a lot of muscle lately. Im not sure if that because she was lazy or because of some injury etc. By the way I’ve got a shoulder injury right now and let me tell you it sucks big time wanting to workout and not being able to….Anyways it’s better to enjoy what you see right here, right now, and you’re looking at a hot girl in top shape with nice bicep muscles and overall great physique!

Oh, anyway we’ve added plenty more performers to the database here at buffycams so even if you can’t find her online, there are plenty others

Muscular latina is all naked!

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting last few months. What matters is that Im back with another post for you! Today we continue the muscle latina series with a really hot Brasiliana. I’ve seen her online yesterday and she is doing daily streams at the moment I’m writing this so if you like her go ahead and take her private! Not sure if she’s on other webcam sites, but I’ve seen her at Chaturbate yesterday. Anyways she’s not a chunky type as the girl in my previous post, she’s more athletic/ripped and she’s got great abdominal muscles. I hope you guys appreciate all the work we put into buffycams and even if you’re already signed up to the mentioned cam sites, please consider creating fresh account so if you spend anything there, we get some small comission too!

Let us now if you like this woman, because we’ve got plenty more of her videos that are ready to be uploaded.

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In the past, I’ve tried hard to provide all of you with some quality videos of either ripped or very muscular females. Tomorrow is going to be the new year so I thought to myself, let’s live dangerously and upload something different this time. Before you ask, yes this is a Chaturbate performer, and yes she is active almost every day at the time I am writing this. So today ladies and gents I present you to miss Bianca, a truly buff Latina who also loves to flex her full, round biceps muscles! Some like this type of woman some not, it’s hard to please everyone so please appreciate the fact that even if you like them leaner, this girl got a lot of muscle! Another hot muscle latina – it seems Colombia is the place to go for female muscle lovers.

female bodybuilder latina

When it comes to Latinas there is no such thing as a shortage of muscular videos or camgirls on the internet these days. For some reason, Colombia and few other countries are constantly delivering new female bodybuilders ( like the girl in today’s update ) or just girls who are muscular. Just browse this site to find plenty of them, like this one and many others. Today’s girl is a chaturbate star and you can find her there every other day. Gotta love her massive body that looks like it’s made of steel or rock. I bet it’s hard as a rock when you touch it. I wonder how many kg’s she is bench pressing? More than me, that’s for sure, lol!

fbb milf on cam

Hi there everyone, long time no post, sorry for that. I was busy updating my other websites which include the big tits cams listing also known as JuggyCams, but that’s not the topic of today’s update. Today I prepared for you an awesome video featuring short-haired milf from Colombia. That’s right, another milf, because we love milfs here at BuffyCams ! If you use the search button and type in “muscle milf” you’ll find plenty of posts, like this one for example. The physique of this woman is just perfect, she must be competing in female bodybuilder championships somewhere in Colombia or Brazil. Her biceps are full and hard , mid-section is brilliant and legs are fully developed too, what a stunner!

fbb porn mix

Hey everyone, welcome to another amazing blog post! Today I’ve prepared something special – it’s not going to be another webcam video ( hence everyone wanting it, I guess ) but instead I’ve merged few short clips of various fbb’s into one five-minute video. The separate clips I’ve used before to promote this site on social media platforms so there is a small chance you’ve seen them already, in this case just check the main page for camgirls. I don’t feel like writing an essay today so I guess I’ll be ending this writing stuff and let you focus on the fbb porn.

Oh, one last thing, may I ask you a question – is this, or other parts of BuffyCams loading slow for you? I’ve started getting slow-page notifications in my webmaster tools so this is quite worrying.

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This gorgeous redhead you’re about to watch is getting more and more popular on a certain webcam site. ( I’ll tell you which one later, ok? ) I’ve seen progress in both her phusique, especially the extra-meaty arms as well as the tips she’s getting from her admirers. It always makes me happy to see a girl getting paid for her hard work so yeah I hope she’ll get rich off this.

Anyways she’s doing daily shows on, maybe also at some other places but I’m not sure. Once again this muscular redhead belongs to the female bodybuilder category here at BuffyCams. Let me know if you’d like to see more massive performers or it doesn’t matter to you. This way or another I’m going to try and find more muscle girls doing webcam streams.

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