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Since I’ve last looked into my traffic statistics it seems this part of BuffyCams is getting quite a lot of visitors. That’s why I decided to update it more often, let’s see how long it’ll last 🙂 Anyway, here is another Latina muscle girl from Colombia! In case you wonder what were the previous ladies, check her out or just scroll down and you’ll see at least two more. It seems female fitness is strong in Colombia and these women are very naughty too, or maybe they’re just being Latinas.

Various muscle girl videos

Because I am too lazy to turn this part of BuffyCams into proper tube, I’ll just continue what I’ve been doing for few years – posting a video once in a while! Today I’m just gonna dump few muscle girl videos that I’ve found on the net. Don’t ask me where, I’ve got my sources 🙂 The best one out of these is surely the cute blonde flexing her marvelous biceps on webcam! The dancing milf Mandy something from OnlyFans is nice too. I also love the oiled-up chick with amazing abs, her banging body is out of scale. These few vids is all I’ve got for you today so enjoy them and as always – check this place every few days for more.

New fit camgirl

Although you can’t see the face of this chick, she’s using the nickname “Fit Girl” on Chaturbate and some other cam site. Like with most of muscle girls , she’s kind of androgynous type, some like it, some don’t. I think she’s quite hot. Definitely not the buff kind, more like veiny and ripped type of girl. She started camming not more than a few months ago and I’ve already seen her doing some freaky stuff. If she continues to work on her body I believe she’s got the potential to build much more muscle as she looks like she was genetically gifted.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this little clip and as always stay tuned for more, and visit the main page often as I’m adding new models daily.

OnlyFans muscle

Ok it seems OF is the shit nowdays , so I had no choice but upload some muscle related OnlyFans videos for you all to enjoy! To be honest I don’t really get what’s so special/great about this site…the content created by many of these girls is poor quality, the videos are too short and made with little effort. Anyways there must be something good about it because it’s so popular…Ok enough talk, enjoy these three little vids – this chick is a FREAK.

Jodi Tiahrt almost nude

March is officially here and at least here it feels like spring is in the air. That’s why I thought that if this blog is about muscle girl videos I will post a photo gallery I hope it makes sense. So without further ado, I present you a stunning blonde fitness girl – Jodi Tiahrt posing in very very skimpy army top and bottom. At one point you can almost see both of her boobs naked. Other than that. this girl is extremely hot and really muscular. This set comes from the website called Muscularity and I strongly suggest you check them out if you like old-school photos of fitness women.

Hot fbb webcam

How often you open a “fbb webcam” video only to find out the girl is not really a fbb? Well, it’s not the case this time, as you’re about to see a 100% authentic female bodybuilder called Brooke. It is not the first time we are featuring her, take a look here for example. I believe this girl may be one of the hottest bodybuilders doing cams ever. Most importantly because she is just pretty. Sad truth is that most pro fbb’s faces look…not so attractive, however, this chick humiliates them all with her full lips, big eyes, and of course amazing physique.

muscle latina

Hey BuffyCams fam ! Today is friday which means it’s time for a muscular latina post, of course! This one is one of the pros and I’m pretty sure she’s actively competing in fbb game besides doing naughty webcam shows. What can I say about her body….it looks like it was carved from rock, pure muscles. I’m not sure if there is some implant action going on here and there or not. Still, even with implants, and I don’t mean the obvious boob job she looks amazing! She’s doing daily broadcasts @ chaturbate

I’m not sure what else can I write about this clip…I guess it’s time for you to just watch what I uploaded and enjoy. Until next time!

Fbb Webcam Nude

If you’re new to the female muscle webcam world then let me tell you one thing first. Chances that you’ll find a girl like the one in the video are slim to none. This chick is extraordinary! So I thought, what’s a better way to celebrate the end of 2020 than a video featuring a Smokin hot nude fbb webcam girl from Colombia? There’s more stuff with this woman online, but this particular clip shows her at peak physique. Look at her, almost no fat. Look at these abs! She must be the hottest chaturbate female muscle performer of all time. I also like her hair, and that’s not common as I’m not really a fan of redheads. Anyway let’s not make this post too long. Let me just say it seems that Colombia’s got the most beautiful and naughty fitness girls in the world.

chaturbate colombiana

Nude workout milf

December is here, the weather is shit and it’s dark and freezing cold outside. Some like it, I hate it. Anyway, I guess most of you are not here to read about the weather so let’s get down to business. Today I’ve uploaded a nice and pretty damn long video of an athletic brunette milf. She is doing some workouts and bicep flexing and show off all her private parts. If you like milfs, I’ve posted plenty in the past, like this one, or just scroll down, there is more.

I’m not proud of doing one update here a month, but the process of finding new cam girls for the main page is quite time consuming tbh. Recently I’ve removed all the models from livevanilla site because their system is full of errors so it may feel more empty now @ buffycams. Once they fix their errors, they’ll be back, I have the model list archived.

nude workout