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In these troublesome times, I present you a pretty hot female bodybuilder doing her 9 to 5 job which is….camming ! I can’t tell you much about this one, also partly because she only shows her body, no face. However, even looking at her body alone is quite a treat. This girl is a proper fbb , the size of her arms is impressive and she is not bloated at all. I don’t really like the tattoos, but that’s my personal taste, I guess.

A side note, I’d like to apologize for not updating this part of BuffyCams too often, to be honest I was mostly busy looking for new camgirls that are suitable for the main page. As – like I’ve said before – I manually look at each girl if she meets Buffy standards before adding her to the database

fbb cam

I can see phrase ” fbb cam ” being searched a lot , so I’m trying to position this blog for this particular word phrase. Not having high hopes though, as no one really figured out how to write in order to position your post high. Anyway, enough boring talk, let’s see what cooking today – I have uploaded a decent video file showing a truly buff , muscular woman flexing her huge biceps in front of her webcam. Not only that, she is also completely naked. I don’t remember if she shows her cooch or not, but the boobs are visible. This girl is doing frequent streams on a popular cam site, so it should not be hard for you to see her live in action. For now , enjoy the recorded video. If you feel like seeing a girl like her live – head on to the main page

Chaturbate Muscle Session

As many of you probably noticed, we don’t list models from Chaturbate on the main page for a number of reasons. I don’t want to get into the details, but let’s just say the quality and value for money spent on the sites we included @ main page is significally higher than CB. However, there are few gems in there, and these girls alone makes it worth to give them a try. Also the way CB works is different, the models there mostly rely on tips, while on camsee.us or streamate muscle it’s all about the private show experience.

Anyway, the model in today’s video is excellent ! She is defenitely more than just fit – nice toned arms, strong legs and ripped abs make her a top notch performer. She and a few others make chaturbate worth checking out.

Streamate Muscle Girl

The reason I’ve chosen a title like this for this blog post is beyond my knowing, as the video attached to it is actually from some other webcam site, not streamate. Maybe I wanted to give you all heads up about how awesome smate really is? This muscle girl you are watching now is probably known to some of you as she is truly gorgeous and on the right path to become a professional female bodybuilder! Her physique is out of this world if you want to hear my opinion. The strongest part of her muscular body are legs, particularly her massive quads.

Anyway, to sum things up: we will slowly change the links on main page from camsee.us to streamate , the models are same on both websites, I just like the design of the second site more. That’s all for today folks! Stay tuned for future updates here, I’ve got some awesome videos stored on my hard drive. They are ready to be uploaded.

FBB Webcam

Alright, so I am trying to do a post here at least once a month, but aiming towards twice a month, I hope you all appreciate it and forgive me if I fail. But let’s stay optimistic, it is a second update this November so hopefully, this trend will continue.

Today I’ve prepared a real treat for all the fbb fans browsing through my site. People who know BuffyCams for a while know that we are not a proper fbb webcam site, for this you go to HBC. We are somewhere in between – we list quite a few female bodybuilders, but the majority are just athletic girls. That’s alright. However today I’ve uploaded a mind-blowing clip with a brunette who surely is no stranger to the world of female bodybuilding! Check her out and let me know what you think about her.

Muscle woman

This brand new brunette is seeing some serious popularity in the webcam world. It takes just one look at her body to understand why.
Not often you see a banging, athletic body like hers together with a cute, pretty face. Yep, this chick is a full package.
The video clip I uploaded is kinda short, I had to edit it out of a 50+ minutes long webcam show, so it’s pretty much the essence of that show. What I like the most about this girl is her midsection and legs. Abs are rock solid, and legs are perfectly toned too.
You just can’t go wrong with proportions like this. Stay tuned for more of her.

Female bodybuilder shower

This girl should be well known for all of you that wasn’t living under a rock for the past five years or so. On the other hand, there is an increased interest when it comes to muscle girls last few years ( I can see it in my google analytics stats ) so there is a big chance this site is getting new visitors and some of them never seen this beauty. Anyway let me write a few words about what is going on in this video, yes I need to do this because this part of BuffyCams is a blog so the text is needed. Basically she is taking a shower while on her webcam. You can see some excellent soaping action and stuff like this.

While I am writing this, I realized she reminds me a bit of streamate karolynn – just a ten years younger version…or am I tripping? Yeah, maybe I am, either way both of them are hot.

Abs like whoa

Before, I was trying to feature only girls that are advanced in the female bodybuilding world. Means they were usually training hard for a few years and the results were great. Today, it’s going to be a little bit different, as I found a neat video of this really hot chick and I couldn’t just leave it on my hard drive. I needed to upload it on the server and share it with you. The girl in question may not be very muscular, but she deserves a spot here just because of her marvelous abs. The camera angle is also perfect as it’s focused on her midsection.

One more thing, I hope you check out the main page from time to time, as we’ve added a lot of new camgirls, mostly from the livevanilla website.

Enough talk I guess….grab your popcorn and enjoy.

Hairy muscle girl

While I get that nowadays people expect females to be fully shaven, some old-schoolers still like to see some bush down there. I dedicate this post to these folks. This hairy pussy webcam girl has been active on the webcam scene for a few years already and still is today. You can find her on the main page if you are lucky. Anyways this video comes from a show where she was feeling frisky enough to take off her clothes…completely. There are a few seconds of her flexing her biceps, then standing up and showing off her bush. Stuff like that.

Ripped abs

I’ve seen many different types of fit girls. Some are more muscular but lack a proper six-pack while others have nice abs but are too skinny. With this unknown chick, it’s a perfect ratio of mass-to-abs. She’s got nice biceps and decent overall physique, but the strongest part of her body is definitely the midsection! Of course, it’s just my opinion. What more can I say…oh and unlike most of the previous updates here, this one contains a proper masturbation scene too. Always nice to take a look at her shaved pussy, isn’t it?