European muscle domme shows boobs

To be honest with you I forgot the exact country this stunning redhead is coming from, but eastern Europe would be my guess. Latvia maybe? To me she is a perfect mix of feminine sexuality and hard muscles. Many muscular women lack a pretty face, even if their bodies are nice and buff, it’s clearly not the case with this girl as she is just plain pretty. Not to mention her boobs….just look at them, they are big and natural, that’s a rare thing among female bodybuilders too! If I had to choose my favourite muscle girl webcam video, this one is surely in my top #5, what do you think ?

Last few words – not everyone is into domme kind of stuff, but if you are then you should know, that this girl is totally into it, and almost all her shows are more or less dommeish.

Ebony female muscle chaturbate

It’s May and it means that, at least in some part of the world the spring begins. The weather outside is nice and people are more likely to spend money and jerk off to female bodybuilders. I don’t need to tell you that at chaturbate they have plenty of them, right? So today’s we present you a woman you probably haven’t seen before – she is a drop dead gorgeous ebony fbb with a physique of a pro. Maybe she is ? Take a look:

What do you think? I bet she’s got more muscle than quite a few guys who dedicated their lives to bodybuilding….The benefits of being black, and I’m not being racist here, just stating the facts. To be honest I am quite jealous as I never had, nor I will ever have a body like her, even if I try. Oh well, life is life and as we get older it’s good to accept few things.

Muscle woman cam

First of all let me apologize for not doing any updates here. I was busy adding new models to the main cam listing and also trying to update the script which this website is using…and failed. Anyway, today’s video is kinda unusual because this girl is totally new and so far no one can tell her name so the video is very fresh. No need to describe how great her physique is because…just look at her. That’s a competition worthy body right there. This blonde milfs physique is beyond great definition, she’s got both mass and definition and she’s also really kinky.

I’ll try to post more of her videos here as I’ve got few more on my hard drive right now. My favourite of all of them is the one where she is doing an upper body workout live on cam, then proceeds to show off her naked, pumped body! Delicioza! Last time I’ve seen a muscle woman who looked no worse ( or even better ) than her was Kyle Camns.

muscle woman abs

In the female muscle world we often tend to get lost looking at either biceps or calves, forgetting about the precious middle section. That is not the case with this video because it ‘s main highlight ( at least for me ) is the marvelous sixpack or let’s just call them good ol’ abs. This horny Colombiana ( Im guessing here ) was recorded during a live chat session over at Chaturbate, and that wasn’t a boring non-nude session, hell no! In fact this athletic brunette pleases us with her delightfully shaved vagina in which she stuck a pink piece of vibrating sex-toy. Take a look:

For me at least, she slays. While she may not be as big as bodybuilder Kylecamns or other women featured here, let’s not forget she isn’t a pro. This girl is just an amateur who loves to hit the gym. And maybe masturbation in front of her cam is another thing she loves. That’d be it for today, I’ll catch you all on the next one!

Hot muscle milf cam

If the title of this post sounds a little bit too “generic” you are probably right – it is. That’s because I don’t really know the girl’s name or nickname she uses @ CB. I believe she is adeline_muscle_queen but I may be wrong. Anyway it doesnt really matter as most of you are probably here just to jerk off to this hot, athletic milf. That’s not really good for me because writing these posts here is not charity and I do this in hope small percentage of you is actually going to use my link and spend a dollar or two. Rant is over, let’s get back to the muscular woman called Adeline. Check out the video first:

Even though this clip is SFWish – she does not get naked or anything, it’s still a bliss to be able to watch her flexing these perfectly shaped biceps in front of webcam. To be honest with you her muscles are so big she could compete with the guys over at muscle men cam and put at least few of them to shame. I’ve been following her since few years already and I’ve noticed an improvement in her muscularity over the time so that’s a good sign for sure.

Perfect strong muscles

So the previous post was more or less mature(ish) to balance things out I prepared a video with a younger muscle girl today. She’s not a teen, not a milf yet, I’d say she is a 25+ smokin’ hot latina woman who does NOT skip a leg day! She is also quite massive and definitely not a veiny/ripped type. Well, that, of course, has a lot to do with the amount of body fat so technically everyone can be ripped but some people have it easier and she is not one of them. I believe she’s got genetics that allows her to gain muscle fast, but also fat. I know something about it because that’s the type of body I have.

Because in the past many of you requested names, I’ll try to provide a nick from now on. So today’s lady calls herself ShanaThor and she is active both at CB and Streamate. This one time I was lurking in her room and I heard her saying how much she deadlifts and I must say I was impressed.

Veiny muscle milf

Before I begin, I’d like to ask you a favor. Most of you are already registered @ CB (Chaturbate). I am finding all these new muscular girls as a hobby mostly but also it provides me a little extra income from time to time. If you could register again using this link for me that’d be a sign that people actually appreciate my work.

Anyway let’s start with today’s video: this perfectly built mature lady is new at CB and I’ve seen her online yesterday evening ( European time ). It’s no secret this woman likes to work out and I’m positive she’s a regular at the gym doing bicep curls and core muscle exercises in particular. She’s not a mass monster like some of the camgirls, she’s more of a veiny-athletic-ripped type. Similar to Nikki_Boom who is a regular on that site as well. What more can I say, this girl is not only into tease/flexing or generally SFW stuff, no she’s into huge black dildos up her asshole type. And that’s awesome.

Bodybuilder Latina

Like I’ve said a few times before, the buff Latinas are taking over the webcam game! Today’s performer is named “Kyle” which may sound like a dude’s name, but trust me this girl is 100% woman. Even though her muscles are bigger than 99% of the male population. Actually, she’s in such good shape that I’m guessing she’s preparing for some fbb contest. To be honest with you I think that right now there is no other female looking that good doing cams. At least not “mainstream” cams like chaturbate ( which btw. is a place where she streams) , maybe bigger women can be found over at HBC, I don’t know because I don’t use them.

Small boobs muscle girl

Ok, so this girl is not really new to the webcam world. I’ve been following the female muscle cam scene since 2014 and I’ve seen literally hundreds of muscular performers. The woman in today’s update is broadcasting on and off for quite a few years now. I really like her hardbody physique even though she almost has no boobs. She’s got great abs and arms, biceps in particular. Judging by the looks I’m almost positive she may be a lesbian or a bisexual human being.

Before you ask for her name or source of this video – let me just say she is a chaturbate model and online almost every day. By the way, if you’re not a member there, I strongly encourage you to do so as it’s free. Also there are new performers joining the site often, just today I’ve found a girl named hotandpower10 – really massive.

I really like how she’s flexing her arms, I’ve seen it a few times during live chat @ CB and for me, it’s a total turn-on. Just watch the full video and you’re gonna see a sample of it.

Thick strong latina

Another month, another update, another Colombian muscle girl! Like I’ve said many times before – it seems the majority of athletic camgirls are from this particular country, which is….great. These girls are eager to flex when asked and I have a feeling they have a better attitude in general. So this girl here is a gorgeous, long-haired Latina who is also tall and the best part of her body is undoubtedly her massive legs! Just look at them, they kinda look like a female version of Mirko Crocop’s powerful limbs.

If this girl was into martial arts I bet she’d do well. Fortunately, she’s into cams and chaturbate (yes, this word is clickable, click it and see what happens) and after some break from camming, she is back, in fact, I’ve seen her online in the afternoon yesterday. I feel kind of tired today, and definitely not feeling like I want to write an essay today so…until next time everyone!