muscle woman abs

In the female muscle world we often tend to get lost looking at either biceps or calves, forgetting about the precious middle section. That is not the case with this video because it ‘s main highlight ( at least for me ) is the marvelous sixpack or let’s just call them good ol’ abs. This horny Colombiana ( Im guessing here ) was recorded during a live chat session over at Chaturbate, and that wasn’t a boring non-nude session, hell no! In fact this athletic brunette pleases us with her delightfully shaved vagina in which she stuck a pink piece of vibrating sex-toy. Take a look:

For me at least, she slays. While she may not be as big as bodybuilder Kylecamns or other women featured here, let’s not forget she isn’t a pro. This girl is just an amateur who loves to hit the gym. And maybe masturbation in front of her cam is another thing she loves. That’d be it for today, I’ll catch you all on the next one!

Ripped abs

I’ve seen many different types of fit girls. Some are more muscular but lack a proper six-pack while others have nice abs but are too skinny. With this unknown chick, it’s a perfect ratio of mass-to-abs. She’s got nice biceps and decent overall physique, but the strongest part of her body is definitely the midsection! Of course, it’s just my opinion. What more can I say…oh and unlike most of the previous updates here, this one contains a proper masturbation scene too. Always nice to take a look at her shaved pussy, isn’t it?