Anal with muscle girl

So this is a quick post to let you all know that we’ve created a single blog post dedicated to OnlyFans female muscle. This video is, as of May 17 the latest addition to the ever growing collection we’re trying to do there. There’s gonna be a lot of scrolling , but I guess in such case it is a good thing.

Anyway , enjoy the muscle woman getting it in the ass.

Because OF’s got so many different performers it’s hard to find videos of all of them, but the most famous fit/muscular ones surely should make their way there. If you want to know my opinion though, OnlyFans cant really compete with cams, its just some poorly recorded videos….

OnlyFans muscle collection

Here we go again with another installment of our OF muscle girl collection. The previous one was a huge success, in case you missed it, here it is. Due to the fact that OnlyFans quickly became the #1 mainstream adult website in the world, it literally sucked in most of the female bodybuilders/muscle girls who used to do porn @ other websites. The only problem is finding them there with so many people having profiles. So it seems, now you don’t have to visit HerBiceps for your FBB fix, you can subscribe to your favourite HB models at OF. Just saying.

FYI here is a mind blowing thread where most of the onlyfans muscle girl accounts are listed, and it’s also updated.

17.05.2024 *UPDATE*

Since this page is getting some traffic from people looking up “onlyfans muscle” on google and other search engines , I decided to not only update it with a decent all-girl lesbian video from OF but also keep adding stuff here, so come back here after some time, ok?

The girl below I believe is Brandi Mae, a famous online pornstar and bodybuilder, she appeared on many adult websites like (the now abandoned) Aziani and many others….

Check out the onlyfans muscle video collection:


I believe in the future more and more models will move to OF which is both good and scary. The only thing that they still don’t have are webcams, and for these you know which site is the best (ahem, ahem this one ) Some final words : please don’t ask me for each of the videos corresponding OF profile, I can give you a hint though, it’s usually watermarked inside the clip. Surely there are some MuscleBarbie’s videos in the mix, she mastered the art of spamming her profile @ every possible social media that allows NSFW content, and that’s great because she is hot.

flexible and muscular girl

Hey everyone, how is it going ? Im doing good, I just like the summer, sometimes I think all I need is good weather outside to get through the day. Anyway, have you heard about Sophia ? No? Well she’s been featured at my favourite website few times before. She’s a gorgeous young lady with a fit body to die for. Also she is very flexible and I’ve picked a part of video where she shows off her flexibility. She is doing it naked and later she even do some more extreme stuff like fisting.

I thought it’ll be nice to post a non-webcam video once in a while, for a change, what do you think? If you like this idea I can post more as I’ve got plenty of clips with muscular ladies on my hard drive.

OnlyFans muscle

Ok it seems OF is the shit nowdays , so I had no choice but upload some muscle related OnlyFans videos for you all to enjoy! To be honest I don’t really get what’s so special/great about this site…the content created by many of these girls is poor quality, the videos are too short and made with little effort. Anyways there must be something good about it because it’s so popular…Ok enough talk, enjoy these three little vids – this chick is a FREAK.

Alright so let’s make a super thread out of this blog post, so here is an 16.12.2022 update! It’s just a few more OF muscle related videos I found here and there, decided to dump them all here. Stay tuned for a massive update in January, I have tons of Onlyfans content ready for uploading, just need to find a good place to host this stuff. For now please enjoy the little mix:

Before you ask for names, or IDs – please take a look at the watermark inside the video, you’ll often find her name there. If it was removed, then too bad, there are literally hundreds of muscle girls at OnlyFans and I don’t know all of their names, sorry.

As of May 2024 this page will not get further updates, I will post new stuff at this page dedicated to onlyfans female muscle