British_EmJess is stunning

Alright, so I’ve been wanting to do a post about this girl for quite a long time, but always got distracted by some other stuff or I didn’t have any of her content so it was easier to just write about some other girl. But all that is a thing of the past now that I’ve finally managed to gather NINE pics of Jess together with a short flexing ( non nude ) video of her. I hear you say that’s not much…I feel your pain but that’s all you will ever find of this woman online. Unless of course you with to shell out few dollars and see her live in action. This is her webcam profile at Streamate, and that’s currently the only place she’s doing shows. Ok, enough talk let’s proceed with the content, so here is the flexing vid:

These guns are incredible, aren’t they? Not often you see a cute, pretty face on a massive body like British_EmJess’s ! So now it’s time for the photos, these were taken from the (mentioned earlier) cam profile.

Alright so that’s it, I don’t have anything more to show you today. If you still feel like you need more, well that means you need to arrange a one on one webcam session with her.

Muscular Colombiana

Hey everyone, it’s more than a week since my last post so I thought it’ll be nice to upload something new! It seems the latinas are taking over the webcam game as I see more and more of them, I believe most of them come from Colombia. Not to look far, check this girl out there’s way more like her @ CB or Streamate muscle or Camsee. Anyways the girl in this video is new to the cam world, I guess she started out few weeks ago.

I hope you’all gonna like this clip because I’ve got few more with different girls ( all latinas ) on my hard drive, they are ready to be uploaded. Ok let me say last few words – I really like the legs on this woman, a lot of meat on them.

ebony muscle camgirl

Since this part of BuffyCams was created I recall only one video featuring black muscle girl being posted. Let me try to fix this faux pas by uploading another black chick clip. This girl used to broadcast @ Streamate and also CB. This woman looks almost like a proper female bodybuilder, maybe lacks some definition here and there but still, she is more massive than most webcam “muscle girls”. There is not much nudity in this clip, but somewhere near the end, she shows her boobs.

Streamate Muscle Girl

The reason I’ve chosen a title like this for this blog post is beyond my knowing, as the video attached to it is actually from some other webcam site, not streamate. Maybe I wanted to give you all heads up about how awesome smate really is? This muscle girl you are watching now is probably known to some of you as she is truly gorgeous and on the right path to become a professional female bodybuilder! Her physique is out of this world if you want to hear my opinion. The strongest part of her muscular body are legs, particularly her massive quads.

Anyway, to sum things up: we will slowly change the links on main page from to streamate , the models are same on both websites, I just like the design of the second site more. That’s all for today folks! Stay tuned for future updates here, I’ve got some awesome videos stored on my hard drive. They are ready to be uploaded.