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Here at BuffyCams we welcome women of all sizes as long as they’re muscular. This particular lady, using nick Amazon is surely on the “massive” side. To be honest I don’t remember posting a video with a girl so big! Even though she calls herself “Amazon” don’t confuse her with another (russian?) female bodybuilder who goes by name “AmazonKA”. They are two different persons. I believe this athlete here is younger and inspired by her Russian friend. ( “Russian” and “friend” sound oddly incompatible these days)

The fbb here is pure latina and the only other video I could find of a girl of equal size is this one , although after giving it a second look she’s not in the same league of mass, sorry. I mean, just look at her thighs, look how big they are. There is a sub-reddit called Death by Snu Snu where they feature women with massive legs, and particularly thighs I guess there’s no doubt she belongs to that sub! Imagine how many high-protein meals it took to build a body like this. I bet she’s averaging 3k to 4k calories a day and all these calories and nutrients are going straight into her muscles as you can see she’s got close to no fat on her.

I wonder how much female bodybuilder like her can bench-press? Are all these muscles only for show or is there actual strenght in them too. I am a male and I guess in my prime I could do 100 kgs with one rep , but I never even tried this much because I got a shoulder injury that keeps me off heavier weighs, unfortunately.

Before I hit the publish button, I want you to know that I’m not sure where to find her on cam. I believe she may be a streamate muscle model but chaturbate is also not out of the question.

female bodybuilder latina

When it comes to Latinas there is no such thing as a shortage of muscular videos or camgirls on the internet these days. For some reason, Colombia and few other countries are constantly delivering new female bodybuilders ( like the girl in today’s update ) or just girls who are muscular. Just browse this site to find plenty of them, like this one and many others. Today’s girl is a chaturbate star and you can find her there every other day. Gotta love her massive body that looks like it’s made of steel or rock. I bet it’s hard as a rock when you touch it. I wonder how many kg’s she is bench pressing? More than me, that’s for sure, lol!

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Hey everyone, how is it going ? Im doing good, I just like the summer, sometimes I think all I need is good weather outside to get through the day. Anyway, have you heard about Sophia ? No? Well she’s been featured at my favourite website few times before. She’s a gorgeous young lady with a fit body to die for. Also she is very flexible and I’ve picked a part of video where she shows off her flexibility. She is doing it naked and later she even do some more extreme stuff like fisting.

I thought it’ll be nice to post a non-webcam video once in a while, for a change, what do you think? If you like this idea I can post more as I’ve got plenty of clips with muscular ladies on my hard drive.

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NSFW muscle videos mix

Hey everyone, today I don’t feel like writing an essey so there’s gonna be less text than usual. On the other hand I’m writing this stuff mostly to get some love from search engines. I really feel like the muscle girl video content we have here should rank us way higher than we do now but…oh well, let’s not rush things and hope for better future. Enjoy the muscle girls!

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Milf calves cam

The gorgeous milf you are seeing uses the name “F1t Pr1ncess” on CB. This video comes from one of her old shows, dated around 3 or 4 years ago. She was definitely in better shape back then compared to now. Don’t get me wrong, she is still looking fit and all, just not that fit. Anyway, the video starts with her showing off her incredible calves. Then she moves the camera a bit so that all of her naked body is visible and I must admit I like the view. The clip is pretty long too, around 10 minutes, I’ve invested in a service called CDN which allows me to post longer movies and the loading/buffering speed is also improved.

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Sixpack abs

This exotic newcomer totally stunned me with her perfectly toned body. I mean let’s get it straight – she is not big, not the buff type some of you are looking for. I have such girl scheduled for posting here so just be patient, for now, let’s enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous brunette. The clips start when she’s already fully nude with this strange pink device stuffed deep into her shaved pussy. This thing vibrates when someone tips her. You can tell she’s having fun there, dancing around and just enjoying herself. She’s got amazing core muscles and the midsection is just amazing if you ask me.