Massive fbb webcam

Here at BuffyCams we welcome women of all sizes as long as they’re muscular. This particular lady, using nick Amazon is surely on the “massive” side. To be honest I don’t remember posting a video with a girl so big! Even though she calls herself “Amazon” don’t confuse her with another (russian?) female bodybuilder who goes by name “AmazonKA”. They are two different persons. I believe this athlete here is younger and inspired by her Russian friend. ( “Russian” and “friend” sound oddly incompatible these days)

The fbb here is pure latina and the only other video I could find of a girl of equal size is this one , although after giving it a second look she’s not in the same league of mass, sorry. I mean, just look at her thighs, look how big they are. There is a sub-reddit called Death by Snu Snu where they feature women with massive legs, and particularly thighs I guess there’s no doubt she belongs to that sub! Imagine how many high-protein meals it took to build a body like this. I bet she’s averaging 3k to 4k calories a day and all these calories and nutrients are going straight into her muscles as you can see she’s got close to no fat on her.

I wonder how much female bodybuilder like her can bench-press? Are all these muscles only for show or is there actual strenght in them too. I am a male and I guess in my prime I could do 100 kgs with one rep , but I never even tried this much because I got a shoulder injury that keeps me off heavier weighs, unfortunately.

Before I hit the publish button, I want you to know that I’m not sure where to find her on cam. I believe she may be a streamate muscle model but chaturbate is also not out of the question.

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